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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am interested in learning to fly. Do you train pilots?

A: Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer ab-initio training for pilots.

Q: How do I book out aircraft?

A: From this web site, we have an internet booking system for members. Members book hourly slots.

Q: Can members book longer slots, e.g. for half a day?

A: Booking the aircraft for longer periods of time, say for cross country trips is permitted. We encourage our members to enjoy their flying through trips to other fields rather than just local flights all the time. We even set up a scheme - 'Flying Buddies' where members can team up with each other to share costs of trips. What we ask is common sense and courtesy to other members. Don't book a large number of slots simply to arrive 2 hours late!

Q: Can members book the plane overnight?

A: This is permitted with aircraft owner approval.

Q: Can members fly the aircraft to the UK or Europe?

A: This is permitted with committee approval and provided the member has performed a cross-water check flight with an instructor. The club provides a raft and life jackets for members free of charge.

Q: How much does it cost to take the plane for longer periods?

A: You only pay what you fly based on Tach hour. See our rates section.

Q: What is the difference between Hobbs time and Tach time?

A: Hobbs time is the same as your wrist watch time and measured from engine start-up to shut down. Tach time is measured by a tachometer based on engine revolutions. At lower RPM, like warm-up, taxiing, pre-take off, landing and certain manoeuvres, the revolutions will be reduced thus saving money for the pilot.

Q: When are the membership fees due?

A: Membership is payable by monthly standing order, currently 60.00 euro, from the month the member joins the club until they cease being a member.

Q: I am a PPL and planning to visit Dublin for a weekend. Is it possible to hire one of your aircraft?

A: Unfortunately, no. Due to club status, we cannot offer part time membership nor hire out our aircraft to non members for one-off trips.


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