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The origins of the Airport Flying Club

About 1975 a group of flying enthusiasts employed at Dublin airport formed themselves into a group. They comprised mainly pilots and engineers from the airlines – mostly Aer Lingus in those days. 20 of them agreed to pool some money and buy an aircraft, Cessna 150L, EI-BAT. As more wanted to join the group, they decided to form another similar group. These became corporate entities and each company owned and operated a training aircraft. Numbers grew and eventually an umbrella organisation was formed. This became the Dublin Airport Flying Club.

The objective of this umbrella organisation was to enable members of individual groups fly the aircraft of other groups within the DAPFC. In the earlier years of the club, membership was restricted to employees of Dublin airport and airlines based there. From the outset they were facilitated by the Irish Aero Club in one of the Iona hangars.

In 1990 the hangar was required by Iona and the club relocated to the site of the present CHC helicopter hangar at Venair. By 1992 the DAPFC had 6 membership groups, comprising 140 members and operated, with reciprocal access, to 6 aircraft. With the passage of time and the subsequent decrease in pilot training at Dublin airport the club now has 1 aircraft. This aircraft is described elsewhere on this web site.

Airport Flying Club Today

For 50 years General Aviation existed at Dublin airport. In October 2008 the leases for the flying clubs were not renewed by Dublin Airport Authority and all GA ceased to operate from Dublin airport. The Airport Flying Club re-located to Weston airport south of Dublin city and within the Dublin Control Zone.

The Airport Flying Club has about 25 members and 3 part time instructors. We operate one single engine Cessna 172 aircraft. A 1980 Cessna 172N: EI-OFM.

Members enjoy local flying around Dublin as well as trips to other parts of the country and even the UK and Europe. We set up a scheme to encourage members to share flying together to get the most out of their licenses through flight trips rather than the usual 1 hour local flight. Members can book flights using our internet booking system.

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